Monday, 12 October 2009

Impression Fuzhou--------New Travel Program initiated

It is said that Fujian Province will join together with travel authorities of both mainland China and Taiwan to start a new program to attract more mainland tourists to visit Taiwan via Fujian,which is separated with Taiwan by the Taiwan Straights. This actions is seen as another program to better the relationship between mainland China and Taiwan Authority through a closer economical tie.

Reports from People's Daily,one of the most important media in China,said that Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau has sent a proposal to the tourism bureaus of 25 Chinese provinces which have been allowed to provide services to Taiwan,suggesting these provinces to join in the program claiming to organize at least one million mainland tourists to the largest island of China.FPTB says it will work with provincial travel companies and tourism professionals from Taiwan to organize three groups this year to promote the program in other Chinese provinces.

In recent years, Fujian province has been actively cooperating with the Taiwanese tourism industry and has achieved remarkable results. Statistics from FPTB shows that in the first quarter of this year, more than 10,000 mainland tourists visited Taiwan via Fujian, and by the end of March 2009, over 71,000 Fujian residents had visited Jinmen, Mazu, or Penghu and more than 12,000 Fujian residents had visited Taiwan Island.

These actions in fact are benefiting the Island especially in the economic woe.Taiwan needs much more money from the mainland,although they've enjoyed much Favorable Balance against the mainland these years. But people are worrying that a closer dependence on mainland China might decrease the independence of Taiwan.Mainland

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