Monday, 12 October 2009

Impression Fuzhou-------Xichan Si

Xichan Si--------One of the Top 5 Temples in Fuzhou has got a long history in China. It was first built in the Dynasty of Tang(AD 608-917). Each year,there are many overseas visitors coming here to take a view of this old and great temple.Litchi is one of the most popular fruits in the
south of China.You can see many litchi trees in Xichan Si. In the summer when it becomes ripe, I think you might think about visiting this place of interest.It's very cool in the temple because there are many tall trees in the temple,even if it's very hot outside.

Two tall towers are standing in the Xichan Si. You can find it even when you are far away. Each tower has its unique feature.Visitor like to get into the tower and climb to the top of the tower to have a view of the whole city of Fuzhou. Due to the development of the city,you might not able to have a full view of the city since there are so many tall buildings now.

I love visiting the temple in Spring and Fall.It's very beautiful in these two seasons.You might think about having a trip and living there for a few days. You know,there is much you could learn from the monks there when you realize that it's a temple with a history of over 1100 years.

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