Sunday, 11 October 2009

Live Fuzhou------a great city you'll definitely love!

Fuzhou,the capital of Fujian Province,which faces Taiwan and is a very important tie to Taiwan. Fuzhou is a city with a character 福(Fu),which means happiness in Chinese.So it is also called the City of Happiness.Fuzhou is an old city and people built at least 2000 years ago. This city has many banyan trees beside its old streets. So people give Fuzhou another nickname-------榕城,which means the city of banyan trees.Fuzhou is a city of heroes. One of the most famous in history is Lin zexu. Who was the leader of Anti-doping battle in Qing dynasty in the 19th century.He's also recognized as the first man in then China to get a peer of the western world.

Fuzhou is also famous for its beautiful scenery.Here you can find as many mountains as you like. When you come here and have a look in all directions,you'll find that it's a city of mountains. Many people who live in Japan,the US,the UK and other overseas countries come from Fuzhou.So it's also the city of overseas Chinese.

Food is also a great feature of this city.There are many kinds of dishes which you couldn't find anywhere else.One of the most famous dish is Fishballs. People like to order this special and delicious dish when the come to Fuzhou.You might have a try when you come here!

Original Fuzhou people like speak its original dialect. This language has not got its characters,like many dialects in China. But don't worry,if you don't speak the dialect,you could get many volunteers for a free travel guide in this city.Fuzhou is a city of buddhism. There are many famous and old temples in this city,like Temple Xican(Xican Si).Visitors love these beautiful and quiet places.There are lots for overseas visitors coming to this city!

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